While H. Kenneth’s commercial success has been benchmarked by his work co-writing with artists such as Nightly (Interscope), Quinn Lewis (Prescription), Sleeping with Sirens (Warner Brothers) and beyond; he began his songwriting career as an artist. After years of recording and releasing music independently, his career as a collaborating songwriter and producer bloomed in the writing rooms and backyard studios of Nashville.

Now with every new collaborator, the work of H. Kenneth defies all odds and challenges him to continue expanding his ability and strengths. As a result, the independent songwriter has accumulated more than 10 million collective streams on Spotify alone and his co-written songs frequently appear in the most popular songs list of artist streaming profiles.

As a producer his tracks have been featured in over 80 television shows, commercials and movies in the past five years alone. His eye for TV/film composition combined with an artist-first approach to songwriting have made H. Kenneth a versatile juggernaut in a variety of commercial music applications.

H. Kenneth has also broken into the international music world, collaborating with artists in Italy, Germany, Spain and more. The diversity and attention to detail that H. Kenneth introduces to every track transcends genres, borders & expectation.

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