Ellery Bonham is an artist, songwriter, and producer who first emerged in 2014 with High & Low, a viral debut that harnessed millions of streams and opened the door to network television shows like Power, The Gifted, and MTV’s Faking it. Since her viral debut, the Rhode Island-native has continued to appear on Spotify’s Viral Charts and New Music Friday playlists, accumulating over ten million streams on digital platforms. She has been recognized by Billboard, V Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Shazam's Future Hits Playlist and Nashville Lifestyles '25 Artists Buzzing This Year.' 

Bonham writes and co-produces her music which allows her the flexibility of pushing traditional genre bounds of R&B, pop and alternative styles. Primarily a vocalist from an early age, her intimate and sophisticated lyrics and melodies have often been the point of true connection with fans. 

In 2018, Bonham signed a label deal with Same Plate, a joint-venture with Sony Music Entertainment, and spent three years writing and co-producing her first full-length album, Quarterlife Blur. Notable collaborators on this project include !llmind, Swagg R’celious, Tofer Brown, Corey Chorus, Nobu, Ruby Amanfu and Sam Ashworth. 

Ellery Bonham’s dedication to authentic stories and emotions has captured both listeners and collaborators to genuinely know the writer behind the music. Her commitment to executing an honest, first full-length album spared no exception. After a much anticipated wait, Quarterlife Blur will begin roll out Spring of 2021. 

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